Coran portions in Tem

Read some portions of the Koran translated into Tem by Alfa Bashir KORODOW from Sokode. Links here are to documents stored on other sites. 

See below to download the complete documents.

Doc Bashir29-30.jpg

The first text was translated in 2005 from Surat 30 (Juz Amma). It includes images of the original text in Arabic and Tem translations in Ajami script (that looks like Arabic but with a lot more vowel marks). 

Download it : Tem Juz Amma 30v2 CC-BY-NC-ND.pdf

The second translation includes both Surat 29 and 30 (Jusey Tabarak wa Amma). In this booklet the Arabic and Tem are in parallel columns, and the Tem translation is in Roman script (which uses letters that resemble English). 

Download it: 
Tem Juzey Tabarak s29 wa Amma s30 جزئي تبارك وعم .pdf

Both of these are translations made by Alfa Bashir, and used with his permission by the Tem Language Committee (CLTem).  

This portion of the book as well as the downloadble PDF are used by permission from the Author. 
The distribution of this book is authorized by Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC-ND (Must reference the author, not for sale, no modifications)


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