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 Le territoire tem


Tem ŋmáádɩ́ ɖaána

La Maison de la littérature tem 

A brand new, 900 page book in Tem has just been published and released in April 2020. Click on Bɩgabaazɩya na Njííla ya Keɖiyá Kɩ́falɔɔ́ to find more photos and information about where you can buy this book. 

image with both sides of the cover
Example page in Tem Ajami script

Verset du jour

Bɩgabaazɩya, adɛ na ɩsɔ́ɔ́dáá gɛ Ɩsɔ́ɔ waalá.

Genèse 1.1