Keyboard Guide - TemDv4FR

Tem keyboard instructions for AZERTY keyboard layout after installing TemDv4FR. This keyboard can also be installed on QWERTY computers. 

The following letters can all be typed with one key stroke: 


Ŋ and Ɖ replace Q and X // All the special vowels are directly above their "sisters" on the number row: e-ɛ ; u-ʊ ; i-ɩ ; o-ɔ // For words with dash [-] type the [6] above the [y] for words like "lɩm-daá" // All accents circled in red are typed after the vowel or letter they modify: e+' = é, y+  ̈= ÿ, o+  ̂ = ô, a+  ̀= à  //
An alternative way to get special characters is by typing [ ; ] directly before the related letter, for example type ;+d = ɖ and ;+n = ŋ and ;+e = ɛ and ;+g = ɣ (a special letter used for Kabiye, not for Tem).

The following is an image of the Tem Keyboard (TemDv4FR) when Shift is used for CAPITAL lettters:


Note: The sister vowels are still next to each other: E-Ɛ ; U-Ʊ ; I-Ɩ ; O-Ɔ.  Currency symbols are also together on the SHIFT latyer: $, €, £. 

Note that quotation marks are on the same [4] key, so type [4] for single quote ' and Shift + [4] for " 
The @ symbol is on the number [2] row, so that Shift + [2] = @ (similar to USA computers). 

Tem keyboard (TemDv4FR) when using AltGr (Alt+Ctrl): This layer is useful to type numbers as well as English or French characters that are not needed on the Tem keyboard (q, x, ç, ù)


These are the properties of the MSKLC keyboard designed for the French keyboards used in Togo, Benin, Niger, etc. If there is enough interest in a Tem layout for a English QWERTY layout then we can also create a keyboard. 


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